Warren Zevon
Moore Theater
Seattle WA
April 22, 2000

Solo Show

Opening Up For Little Feat

Source: Sbd
Lineage: CD-R > wav (eac) > audacity > Flac 8 (tlh)

01. Werewolves Of London
02. Excitable Boy >
03. Seminole Bingo
04. For My Next Trick I'll Need A Volunteer
05. Don't Let Us Get Sick >
Banter and Switches to Guitar
06. Poor Poor Pitiful Me >
Banter and Guitar Tuning
07. My Shit's Fucked Up >
Banter *
08. Porcelain Monkey
09. Detox Mansion >
Guitar Solo
10 Lawyers, Guns & Money

Total Time 41 minutes

Warren Zevon - Guitar,Piano,Harmonica and Vocals

Happy Jack Notes 9-7-2010
recieved cdr in 2002 ? in mail (Thankyou !!)
* anounces he is opening for Little Feat and
he has only 40 minutes to put on show
eac log included
glitches removed in tracks 6,8,9,10 by eac
Used Audacity for fixes on
track 1 at 11 seconds removed bump sound
track 1 at 36 seconds softened feedback sound
track 1 at 1min and 25.5 seconds softened glass sound
track 2 at 11 seconds softened feedback sound
track 5 at 3min. and 33 seconds to 3min and 55 seconds deleted silence Total of 20 seconds of silence deleted
created new text file info
added a new flac fingerprint
added a new md5
No SBE's

This is on LMA in shn without the fixes

Please note i did this for Warren Zevon Fans and so you can play it louder. This is one of my favorites shows

Fantastic show and sound
samples provided

Do NOT Sell !!!!!

Happy Jack