Warren Zevon with Little Feat Rhythm Section
October 31, 1987 Sunrise Music Theatre, Ft Lauderdale, FL
mono Crown PZM mic(or could be the stereo Sony condenser mic that came with the D3)>Sony D-3 cassette masters(XLII-S)(Dolby B)>
Nak CR-5A (high bias & EQ setting with azumith
adjusted and Dolby B on)> wav
location was in back left of center.
the sound quality is marginal, even a new D3, as this was, had considerable flutter and the mic was pedestrien, but it is a master. SQ = B+
thanks to Lance for a great taping job.
the typically noisy South Florida crowd was in the distant for this entire recording and Richie comes thru very well.
maybe someone can view the wav and ID if it is stereo or mono?

cd1 38:26m (tape side 1)
2 Detox Mansion
3 Boom Boom
4 Johnny
5 Rowland
6 Junglework
7 Accidently
8 Band intros
9 Sentamental

cd2 53:07m (tape sides 2 & 3)
1...Young Boy
2 Veracruz
3 All strung out
4 Sweet Home Alabama
5 Aint that pretty at all
6 Reconsider Me
7 Mohammads Radio
(tape side 3 20:13m)
8 Warewolves
9 Pitiful Me
10 Excitable
11 Jenny