The Warriors
Unknown Venue
San Francisco Bay Area

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Narada Michael Walden: Drums
Randy Jackson: Bass
Joaquin Lievano: Guitar & Voc
Walter Afanasieff : Keys
Steve Kindler: Violin*

T1 Sao Paulo 7:53
T2 Fortune's Path 9:16
T3 Ensueño 5:48
T4 Race for Time 11:46
T5 Mighty Man 10:03*

*Likely a partial recording

Okay- sorry about the lack of info on this one. I think it came as side 2 of a cassette of The Warriors Keystone Palo Alto 81' with Will Kennedy on drums (instead of Narada!) Much thanks to my source for this and many of my uploads-AG aka agalli!

This seems to be the end of the road for Narada Warriors but I have a couple with Will Kennedy coming up that are worth checking out.