was (not was)
Don Was: bass, vocals
David Was: vocals, flute, percussion
Sweet Pea Atkinson: vocals
David McMurray: sax
Wayne Kramer: guitar, vocals
David Mason?: viola
Luis Resto: synth
?: percussion
?: drums

Boston, Mass. USA
October 6, 1981
2nd gen. audience recording
runtime 66:30 (minutes/ seconds)

1: from sea to shining sea :45 > hello operator I mean dad
I mean police I can't even remember who I am 5:31
2: go now 4:25
3: carry me back to old Morocco 6:34
4: where did your heart go 6:15
5: shake the beat 3:51 (Wayne lead vocals)
6: tell me that I'm dreaming 4:38
7: ? 5:27
8: lucky number 3:57
9: ? 5:22
10: band introductions 5:05
11: out come the freaks 13:09
12: ? 2:15

walkman type cassette recorder (possibly a Sony TCS-310
or something comparable, auto levelling built in mikes) >
(probably either Maxell or TDK) normal bias master tape >
90 min. Maxell XLI-S normal bias 1st or 2nd gen. copy >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this was and was that? (not was) production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

since there doesn't seem to be much if any info. available
about the 1981 band lineup and some of these song titles,
here is the band lineup and setlist for a more recent concert of the band:

DECEMBER 12, 1988

Don Was - bass, vocals
David Was - vocals, flute, percussion
Sweet Pea Atkinson - vocals
Sir Harry Bowens - vocals
Donald Ray Mitchell - vocals
David McMurray - sax
Randy Jacobs - guitar
Jaime Muhabrek - keys
Ron Pangborne - drums
Tracy Biggs - trumpet
Pablo Gaston - percussion, vocals

01. knocked down made small [treated like a rubber ball]
02. how the heart behaves
03. hello operator i mean dad i mean police i can't even remember who i am
04. earth to doris
05. where did your heart go
06. bow wow wow wow
07. anytime lisa
08. medley: wheel me out,tell me that i'm dreaming,spy in the house of love,robot girl,walk the dinosaur
09. return to the valley of band intros [inc. man in the mirror]
10. [return to the valley of] out come the freaks
11. papa was a rolling stone
12. 11 mph
13. dad i'm in jail
14. somewhere in america there's a street named after my dad