Was [Not Was]
Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
December 12, 1988
Master Audience Recording By The King Of Rock

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Don Was - bass, vocals
David Was - vocals, flute, percussion
Sweet Pea Atkinson - vocals
Sir Harry Bowens - vocals
Donald Ray Mitchell - vocals
David McMurray - sax
Randy Jacobs - guitar
Jaime Muhabrek - keys
Ron Pangborne - drums
Tracy Biggs - trumpet
Pablo Gaston - percussion, vocals

01. knocked down made small [treated like a rubber ball]
02. how the heart behaves
03. hello operator i mean dad i mean police i can't even remember who i am
04. earth to doris
05. where did your heart go
06. bow wow wow wow
07. anytime lisa
08. medley: wheel me out,tell me that i'm dreaming,spy in the house of love,robot girl,walk the dinosaur
09. return to the valley of band intros [inc. man in the mirror]
10. [return to the valley of] out come the freaks
11. papa was a rolling stone
12. 11 mph
13. dad i'm in jail
14. somewhere in america there's a street named after my dad

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