Zepdog5 & DJ Froyd Present:

Washed Out

Date: 11-06-2013

Venue: Iron City
Birmingham, Alabama

Taper: Zepdog5

Source: SP-CMC-8 cardioid mics > spsb-10 battery box (w/bass roll-off @ 16Hz, mics attached to shoulders of t-shirt) > Edirol r-09 (line-in, 44.1 wav / 16 bit, 4gb san disk sdhc card)

Transfer: Edirol r-09 > 2.0 usb cable > my hard drive > cdwave audio editor v1.93.3 > Audacity 1.2.4 (add fade ins/outs) > Flac frontend 1.7.1, level 6, verify, asb.

Another rock solid show with excellent sound quality.....going back to our time-tested theory of good band plus good gear, plus a non-neanderthal crowd equals a damn good recording. Ernest Greene, who is the founder of the band, told us about how he used to live in Birmingham and now resides in Athens, Georgia. He spent a total of 2 weeks at Sanford's law school before he dropped out to become a barista at a local coffee shop (not Starbucks). Recorded about 45 feet away, just left center of the stage. A great show. Comments are welcome. Enjoy.


01. IAFR
02. Belong
03. New Theory
04. Get Up
05. Far Away
06. Despicable Dogs
07. All I Know
08. You And I
09. Feel It All Around
10. Amor Fati
11. Hold Out
12. Eyes Be Closed

Total: 61:00