Watermelon Slim (solo)
Live outside CatHead Art and Music
%th Annual Juke Joint Festival
April 16, 2011
Clarksdale, MS

If you have ever enjoyed the blues and the roots that produced it, you would really enjoy this festival. Held in downtown and around Clarksdale, MS this three day event concludes on a Saturday with (they say) 100 acts performing in numerous venues. In this home of the delta blues, where the actual crossroads do exist, you will find performers from around the world who have trekked to this blues home-base to perform and/or listen to the blues the way it was originated and how it has grown into a popular modern form. Check the lineup of festivities for the entire event, planned again for 2012, at http://www.jukejointfestival.com/fest_events.php.

This show is a one man act this date and does a really good job on the Dobro and harp. His style is true to the delta blues and entertaining. He is but one of the 100 playing along the streets of Clarksdale on this day. You may hear some others in the background at times.

Lineage: TASCAM STPRO>Deneke AD20>NJB3 (optical in)>audaicity (normalize)>cdwave )tracking)>flac
location: 20 ft dc


01 fade in to 'I ain't whistlin dixie"
02 angel from montgomery
03 jimmy bell
04 and when i die
05 Aud banter>Killing me by degrees
06 taps>foreign policy blues

As always, share freely, never sell, and support the artists by seeing their shows/buying their music.