Waterson Carthy
Governor  Hindmarsh Hotel .
Port Road, Adelaide . 3-9-99

Set list. 
The Royal Forester-
The Bald Headed End of the Broom.
 We Poor Labouring Men. 
The Raggle Taggle Gypsies. 
The Rowling Hornpipe >
Our Cat Has Kitted .
Bleadon Gardens > 
The Sportsman's Hornpipe.
The Bay Of Biscay.
The Bows of London. 
Herring Song. 
Ain't no Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears.
Jacobs Well.
Dorrington Lads > 
Adam of Ell
The Bonny Fisherboy.
Black Muddy River.
The New Mown Hay. 
When First I came To Caledonia.
Midnight On The Water. 
Sleep on Beloved.
118 mins.

Martin Carthy : Guitar /vocals.
Norma Waterson: Vocals/ triangle.
Eliza Carthy :Violin /vocals
Saul Rose: Accordion/melodeon/vocals.

master D6 cas >Sony ECM 150 mic > mac pro> cd> mac pro>adobe audition 2021 > xact>sbe flac 8
recorded> edited and transferred GodzgolfBall

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