Parts 3 & 4
Radio 3 in Concert at Uproot Festival
7th April 2017
The First Family of English Folk: a celebration of the Waterson Family, who come from Hull. Part of Radio 3's Uproot festival for Hull 2017.

Live from Hull Truck Theatre. Introduced by Kathryn Tickell

The Waterson Family:
Norma Waterson, Ann Waterson, Eleanor Waterson, Erin Anderson, Davoc Brady, Lauren McCormick, Emily Portman and Jim Causley (singers)
Martin Carthy (singer, guitar)
Eliza Carthy (singer, violin)
Neil McColl (electric guitar, banjo, vocals)
Laurence Hunt (Percussion)

The Gift Band:
Norma Waterson (vocals)
Martin Carthy (guitar, banjo, vocals)
Eliza Carthy (Vocals, Violin)
David Donnelly (double bass, vocals)
David Delarre (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Phil Alexander (piano, accordion, vocals)
Neil McColl (electric guitar, banjo, vocals)
Kate St John (oboe, piano accordion, vocals)

As part of the BBC's contribution to Hull UK City of Culture 2017, Radio 3 presents 'Uproot', a 3-day festival celebrating the area's folk and roots heritage as well as its international cultural connections. There are four concerts at Hull Truck Theatre from major world and folk artists, including Hull's folk royalty The Waterson Family, Eliza Cathy's innovative Arms Wide Orchestra, special appearances from Yorkshire folk artists Fay Hield and Martin Simpson, plus concerts celebrating Hull's international links from the Warsaw Village Band and Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. The theme is reflected widely in other programming across the three days. The theme 'Uproot' is essentially a reflection on roots, how people relate to them in fast-changing times, and what happens when people are displaced from their roots.

The Watersons were leading figures in the English folk revival in the 1960s and 70s, celebrated for their unique song repertoire and distinctive vocal harmonies. With Martin Carthy joining the family in the 1970s, and new generations of family musicians coming through, they have been a reference-point for English folk for fifty years. In this special concert for Hull City of Culture 2017, they return to their home town, with a first half that celebrates the traditions of the Watersons' vocal harmonies, and a second half with The Gift Band, fronted by Norma Waterson, the only remaining member of the original 1960s line-up, with her daughter Eliza Carthy.

Total Play Time 2.00.56

Part 3: The Waterson Family [49.01]
1. Intro by Kathryn Tickell (2.10)
2. The White Cockade (4.04)
3. Norma Chat & Song Intro (4.58)
4. The Apple Tree Wassailing Song (2.45)
5. Eliza & Norma Chat, Song Intro & Song Snippets(If I Were a Blackbird & 3 Day Millionaire) (5.04)
6. Prickle Holly Bush (5.26)
7. Norma Chat & Song Intro (1.43)
8. Adieu Adieu (3.56)
9. Norma Song Intro (1.54)
10. Bold General Wolfe (5.49)
11. Eliza & Norma Song Intro (2.13)
12. Some Old Salty (3.59)
13. Norma Chat (0.53)
14. Bright Phoebus (3.37)
15. Band Intros by Kathryn Tickell (0.29)

Part 4: The Gift Band [1.11.54]
1. Intro by Kathryn Tickell 1.40)
2. Dreaming (Loudon Wainwright III) (3.18)
3. Norma Chat & Song Intro (2.00)
4. Fare thee Well Cold Winter (3.59)
5. Norma Song Intro (2.05)
6. Wayfaring Stranger (7.37)
7. Intros & Chat (4.43)
8. Ukulele Lady (Kahn & Whiting)/If Paradise Is Half As Nice (Rapetti) (4.52)
9. Norma Chat (2.13)
10. Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Yip Harburg)/Al Bowlly's In Heaven (Richard Thompson) (9.32)
11. Eliza & Norma Chat & Intro (2.03)
12. On Friday He'll Be Fred Astaire (Clive Gregson)/Change Partners (Irving Berlin) (7.26)
13. Chat & Song Intro (1.43)
14. God Loves a Drunk (Richard Thompson) (4.45)
15. Eliza & Thanks (1.19)
16. Bunch of Thyme (6.35)
17. Brief Chat & Song Intro (1.05)
18. Shallow Brown 3.48)
19. Kathryn Tickell Outro & Band Intros (1.09)

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