Watertower Bucket Boys Live Rte Pat Kenny Morning Show 8 Sept 2010 Nationwide F.m
In Ireland.
Recived live from air with an analog reciver.

01 intro.
02 wide open spaces.
03 interview
04 Heaven.
05 outro.

The Watertower Bucket Boys Hail From Oregan State and have four collections of music on
out the latest is called Soul Kitchen please suport with online or hard copy buy.

recorded on a sony cfd-s33l port unit to ferro cass transferd via ear out to line in,

audigy sounforge soundcard to wav 1.1 split wavs 1.1 Tlh Flac 8 To internet.

Comments i grabed this while working from my van there is some line noise but all is heard,

with out trouble.