The Waybacks @ Larkspur Cafe 2006-12-01

The Early Show

Set List

01 From The Pasture Into The Future

02 Petrified Man

03 Been Around

04 Alone

05 Into The Dawn

06 Train On The Brain

07 When You Were Near

08 Strange Attractor

09 Turkish Stalemate

10 Loaded

11 Tennessee Blues

12 Bright Place

13 Black Cat

Schoeps Ccm41Lg's > Marantz 660Acm (Mod By Doug Oade) > Flash Card(2Gb) > Sandisk Card Reader > Pc > Creative Wave Studio > Cdwave Editor > Tlh > Flac > You

Dfc Of The Room 100 Butts Were Seated , 7 Foot Off The Floor, 90 Degree Angle On The Mics

Do Not Convert To Any Lossy Format That Includes Mp3

Do Not Sell Or Trade For Anything Of Value

Do Put Up For Auction Or Sale On Ebay As We Will Report You

Do Not Do Any Of The Above Or We Will Track You Down & Pee In Your Hairdoo

Do Trade This Show Freely With Freinds & Family

Do See That Band Any Chance You Can Get

Do Buy The Waybacks Cd's

Support The Waybacks In Any Way You Can

Upped & Recorded By The Agavekid