The Waybacks
May 17, 2007
Little Fox - Redwood City, CA
AUD: Studio Projects LSD2 (XY-90 at center of balcony) > Presonus Firebox > iRiver H120 (wav 16/44.1)
Tracked in Sound Studio, no other edits > SBE fix and conversion to FLAC in xACT

disc 1
1. Been Around
2. Petrified Man
3. Tired of Always Being Right
4. Train on the Brain
5. The River
6. Dangle Banjo
7. Russell County Gorge
8. Dupree's Diamond Blues*
9. I'm Calling*
10. Strange Attractor
11. Gulshion Island

disc 2
1. City Boy
2. Fortunate Son**
3. Bright Place
4. encore: Black Cat

* w/ Scott Nygaard on guitar
** w/ Bridgitte DeMeyer on vocals
Note: intermittent, faint crackling in left channel from City Boy on. I found I preferred the sound as it was over copying over the right channel to make a mono recording, but you can always do so if you prefer.