The Waybacks 8/24/07
The Freight and Salvage - Berkeley, CA
AUD: AT853s (cardiod capsules, DINa) > homebrew 3 wire battery box > iRiver H120 (16/44.1)
Sound Studio used to hard limit claps next to mics, add 6 dB gain to select banter and bass solo during Bright Place, peak normalize, track, and add fades. xACT used for SBE fix and conversion to FLAC.
mics were at head height, 6th row, in line with right PA speaker

Set 1 / Disc 1
1. New Orleans
2. Petrified Man
3. Conjugal Visit
4. Tired of Always Being Right
5. Russell County Gorge
6. Don't Laugh
7. Gulshion Island
8. City Boy

Set 2 / Disc 2
1. Turkish Stalemate
2. The Blacksmith
3. Nice To Be Alone
4. Train on the Brain
5. When You Are Near
6. Northwest Passage banter
7. Beyond the Northwest Passage
8. guitar player banter
9. Saint Stephen > (William Tell Bridge) >
10. Bright Place
11. encores: Last Date
12. Black Cat

*with Walter Strauss

note: as tracked, you must use an 80 minute CD for Set 2, or move Turkish Stalemate onto the end of disc 1