The Waybacks
June 19, 2009
Party In The Park
Auburn, California USA

Soundboard>Zoom H2>Cool Edit>Flac

Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com

This band just kicks, the vocals got hot in the mix at times
but the music itself is just great. Check out the samples for
a mix of the levels to see if you want it. Include are some pictures
from the show. I also video taped the show so if that turned out okay
I'll post that as well.

I cam't remember the title of track 19, I'm drawing a major
blank if someone could help with a fill

01. Im Calling You
02. River
03. Been Around
04. Gone Payday
05. Good Enough
06. Conjugal Visit
07. Savannah
08. Loaded
09. Black Cat
10. City Boy
11. In The Night (beginning cut)
12. Nice To Be Alone
13. The Harder They Come
14. Shady Grove
15. Russell County Gorge
16. New Orleans
17. Bright Place
18. Brown Eyed Woman
19. Its Alright