The Waybacks with Bob Weir
The Big Room
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, CA

October 3, 2006

Soundboard Recording

cd-r's > xact extraction > wav's > flac's

Disc 1

1. Introduction
2. Instrumental
3. Petrified Man
4. My Candyman
5. Jack Straw
6. Mama Tried
7. Dupree's Diamond Blues
8. Time To Get A Gun
9. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
10. Kashmir
11. As The Crow Flies
12. 19th Nervous Breakdown

Disc 2

1. Big Iron
2. Dire Wolf
3. St Stephen>
William Tell Bridge>
Last Time>
4. Brokedown Palace
5. Like a Rolling Stone
6. Casey Jones

The Waybacks are:

James Nash- Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Stevie Coyle- Guitars, Vocals
Joe Kyle Jr.- Bass
Chuck Hamilton- Drums
Warren Hood- Fiddle, Vocals

I did not mess with this beautiful recording even to re-track it. Enjoy!