Waylon Jennings
Abbott(?), TX

KAMC-FM Arlington, TX MR>?>C>Maxell XL II> Dynaco PAS 3X tube preamp>Soundforge 5.0>CDWav>Flac

Digital Transfer 9/17/04 Gary Knight

This in an interesting tape. It was certainly made by the radio station (KAMC) as at points the source switches from a soundboard feed to a control room feed. Three songs are walked over by the control room feed. This must have been some sort of an all day event as other artists are said to have performed earlier. The event was billed as "Abbott High School Homecomeing" ( Willie Nelson alum).

1. Lonesome, Onry And Mean
2. Good Hearted Woman
3. Louisiana Woman
4. Pretend I Never Happened
5. Me & Bobby McGee
6. Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues (1)
7. Control Room Feed
8. //Amanda
9. Laid Back Country Picker
10. You Asked Me To
11. Freedom To Stay (2)
12. Honky Tonk Heroes
13. The Last Letter (3)
14. Freak Interviews with Bear & Sandy
15. //You Can Have Her (4)
16. E: T For Texas
17. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line

(1) Swtich to control feed. Causes part of "Amanda" to be lost.

(2) Most of Freedom is the control room feed with the announcer talking to someone back at the station as well as some "freaks" about the concert.

(3) As Waylon introduces the band the feed switches back to the control room feed. The concert can stiil be heard in the background. Two freaks "Bear" and "Sandy" are interviewed

(4) About half of the song is lost due to feed switch (re: note 3)