Waylon Jennings
August 2, 1975
Sugarloaf, Maine
uncirculated soundboard tape
opening act was The Outerspace Band

01 Honky Tonk Heroes 4:11
02 Are You sure Hank Done It This Way? 3:11
03 Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line 1:36 [incomplete: drop-out early on and interrupted by technical problem]
04 You Ask Me To 2:33
05 Ladies Love Outlaws 1:47
06 Long Time Gone 3:01
07 Louisiana Women 3:57
08 I've Been a Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be a Long Time Gone) 2:19
09 Amanda 2:14
10 Pick Up the Tempo 3:09
11 Me and Paul 3:40
12 Let's Turn Back the Years 2:55
13 This Time 3:20
14 Me and Bobbie McGee 6:09
15 unknown fragment 0:43 [tape flip]
16 Rainy Day Woman 2:28
17 Bob Wills Is Still The King 2:38
18 band intros 1:05
19 I'm a Ramblin' Man 5:13
total time: 56:18

band members as far as I can tell:

Waylon Jennings: vocals, guitar
Gordon __ :guitar, vocals, harmonica
Kyle __ : keyboards
Ralph Mooney: pedal steel guitar
Duke __ :bass
Richie Albright: drums

Notes: pretty good soundboard tape - could be the master or a dub from the master; the audience is distant and some instruments are isolated to one channel but all in all a nice and listenable recording.
Someone throws a rock at the stage but no one is harmed, and Waylon seems to be having a good time anyway.

unknown generation soundboard cassette>Soundforge>WAVs>
HD>tracked and edited in Soundforge>SBEs repaired, FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

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01-Honky Tonk Heroes.flac:0e3c356231ecc24b09365cf176b551ca
02-Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.flac:1cebad98d88cb6655ba0eaa0a7a8895f
03-Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line.flac:452514c9130dd7800074366e9303625f
04-You Ask Me To.flac:8e23b97655901f10295a255f87da4d21
05-Ladies Love Outlaws.flac:800f2bd930df8f0b886863663b067107
06-Long Time Gone.flac:f075d199561f643b2f1c25518806c9f1
07-Louisiana Women.flac:ebd2c0c92218a0d20e37a6775a438df2
08-I've Been a Long Time Leaving.flac:752665057921a4b11577afedb395d775
10-Pick Up the Tempo.flac:b89c762518bb2924b221b43d044ecaee
11-Me and Paul.flac:0bbb66d714b37eeecc9fb6d319466f1e
12-Let's Turn Back the Years.flac:1639c65b47326ba1f11133c92b9eeb49
13-This Time.flac:6b50170d3ac9d31d2341806709b93878
14-Me and Bobbie McGee.flac:4ad75d6d8fad6a3215de3dc6de4072e0
15-unknown fragment.flac:9fe9b953147156df5fb672f648bdfc6e
16-Rainy Day Woman.flac:9d26383552e25b2b8da862e2cd34efdb
17-Bob Wills Is Still the King.flac:040835279bdfa4d542cf65c0e24c87e2
18-band intros.flac:d41b05c8ba2a2e803b5c7c1a7c5285a7
19-I'm a Ramblin' Man.flac:0d853f64ae35a3fcdff1f36994367c0c