Waylon Jennings
Cotton Bowl
Dallas, Texas
October, 1979

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Here's a rare Waylon audience recording that has been a real challenge to date.

This appears to have been in limited circulation as Cotton Bowl - Dallas, TX 1979 with no specific date.
At first I thought it might be the July 3rd Cotton Bowl show with Willie in 1978 (an unofficial Willie Picnic) that followed the July 1st Texxas World Music Festival. However, there are some hints in this show that put this as later in the year than the summer months. I attended the Texxas World Music Festival and it was HOT, middle of the summer in Texas is no laughing matter when it comes to heat (I live it every summer).

During the show it's mentioned numerous times about how cold it is with Waylon even commenting before the encore "I hope I can get my fingers to work". So, we are not in the summer months, we are at least in October where it gets cooler later in the day and the temperature can range from the 70's & 80's during the day to the 50's at night (may even dip into the 40's on occasion at night).

We have another hint after the show when the MC makes a comment that merchandise is being sold at the Embarcadero Building. This building is adjacent to the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. The only event I can come up with that this building would be used in conjunction with the Cotton Bowl would be during the Texas State Fair running from late September to late October.

Additionally, the setlist is an entirely shortened 1970's setlist with the exception of 'Clyde' which was released on "Music Man" in May, 1980 and as a single in April, 1980 so not unheard of to be played, especially since it was a cover, at this time.

So, with all that said, I'm going with the original noted year as 1979 and most likely recorded during the Texas State Fair in mid-late October.

As for the show itself, it's a 1970's shortened hits setlist, the recording is very good to excellent reordered very close to the stage with little crowd interference�highly recommended.

01 Only Daddy Tha'll Walk The Line
02 Ladies Love Outlaws
03 Waymore's Blues
04 Amanda
05 You Asked Me To
06 Willie The Wandering Gypsy
07 Let's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)
08 Slow Rollin' Low
09 Me And Bobby McGee
10 This Time
11 Midnight Rider
12 Rainy Day Woman
13 Bob Wills Is Still The King
14 Good Hearted Woman
15 Clyde
16 Ramblin' Man

Rance Wasson
Gordon Payne
Richie Albright
Duke Goff
Ralph Mooney

Known Faults:
-You Asked Me To: small splice at the end due to technical difficulties