Waylon Jennings
Civic Center-Atlanta, Georgia

FM Master > 1st Generation > CDR > Flac

"Music Of America" Radio Show

01 Intro > Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit Has Done Got Old
02 Working Witout A Net
03 Gemini Song
04 Amanda
05 I Wonder What You'll Do When I'm Gone
06 Deep In The West
07 I've Always Been Crazy
08 Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me
09 Mama's Don't Let Your Baby's Grow Up To Be Cowboys
10 Rose In Paradise
11 I'm May Be Used
12 America
13 It's Not Suppose To Be That Way
14 Will The Wolf Survive
15 Goodhearted Woman
16 Ain't Living Long Like This
17 Honky Tonk Heroes

I'll be returning to my master audience tapes soon along with the re-done Jerry Jeff Walker on WBAI for those folks waiting for that one.
In the meantime thought I'd throw up a bit more outlaw country. These Waylon shows go up pretty easy without much work on the tapes and a lot of folks seem to be enjoying them (I think it's also a good thing to keep some variety here on dime, the more the merrier...not to mention I need to work on my share ratio a bit more too much good stuff lately)!

This is another good one, nice set list with some of his later recordings and his great version of Los Lobos "Will The Wolf Survive", sorry I don't know the exact date.