Waylon Jennings
The Academy Of Music, New York City, NY

<Caveat: Waylon's set is incomplete, you start to hear more after Ramblin Man then it abruptly cuts>
With Opening Set By The Good Old Boys

Taper: Jerry Moore (R.I.P.) / AUD: Cm > CD

Rig: AKG D1000E's ~> Sony TCD-152 (Mastered By Jerry Moore) [Mics Were Spread Wide; Ex 1st Row Loge]
Transfer: Cassette Master > CD {Transfered And Tracked By J.M.} Audio Files Extracted w/ Wavelab,
Remastered And Edited > FLAC [K.P.]

Dowloaded in 2012: FLAC > Audio Discs
Audio Discs EAC'd > HD > Re-FLAC'd In 2018

Good Old Boys:
d01t01 - Bluegrass Breakdown (?)
d01t02 - Sitting On Top Of The World
d01t03 - I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
d01t04 - The New Camptown Races
d01t05 - Pistol Packin Mama
d01t06 - Live and Let Live*
d01t07 - Orange Blossom Special

* With John "Marmaduke" Dawson

Waylon Jennings:
d01t08 - Intro
d01t09 - T For Texas
d01t10 - Slow Rollin Low
d01t11 - This Time
d01t12 - Louisiana Woman
d01t13 - Me And Paul
d01t14 - Me And Bobby McGee
d01t15 - Lonesome Ornery And Mean
d01t16 - Amanda
d01t17 - Pick Up The Tempo
d01t18 - You Can Have Her
d01t19 - Midnight Rider
d01t20 - I'm A Ramblin Man (Complete Then Tape Cuts)