Waylon Jennings & The Waylors
Abbott High School
Abbott, Texas
Fall, 1974

"Abbott High School's PTA Homecoming"

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KAMC FM Broadcast

Willie Nelson Intro > Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
Good Hearted Woman
Treats You Right
Pretend I Never Happened
Me & Bobby McGee
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
(DJ Talk)
Amanda (In Progress)
Laid Back Country Picker
You Asked Me To
Freedom To Stay (DJ unintentional interruption)
Honky Tonk Heroes
The Last Letter
(DJ Talk)
You Can Have Her
T For Texas
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line

Recorded around the same time as the excellent "Waylon Live" and the outlaw country masterpiece "The Ramblin' Man" this is prime Waylon around the time outlaw country music was starting to find its way but before it was to explode into the mainstream with "Wanted! The Outlaws" released in 1976, becoming the first platinum country record.

A regional broadcast of a mini festival on KAMC radio. The DJ's unintentionally interrupt the broadcast at one point carrying on a conversation as if they have no clue they are on the air. It's unfortunate as it interrupts the show but it is somewhat humorous. I'm not sure what they were thinking except they seem to be pretty proud to be broadcasting live while carrying on a fairly amateurish production including interviewing a couple of audience members who's burning question is "who's played so far".

This show has been circulating as 1974 and never given a specific date. Research has pointed to it being in the Fall of '74, Waylon played the Western Palace in Dallas on September 25th which is documented on "Waylon Live". Looking at the song selection which includes "Amanda" from "The Ramblin' Man" released in September of 1974 as well as a lot of the same songs featured on "Waylon Live" it would stand to reason this is part of the same series of shows. In addition, High School Homecomings generally takes place during football season in the Fall. Though no specific date has surfaced, none of this has ever been officially released.

If only it contained Waylon's knockout version of "Midnight Rider" from "The Ramblin' Man" but that will have to wait for a future upload.

Includes artwork I put together which is also attached below...


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