Austin City Limits Presents
Waylon Jennings followed by Marty Stuart
Broadcast February 17, 1990

Waylon Jennings
Recorded April 1, 1989

01. Show Intro
02. (I'm A) Ramblin' Man
03. I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up)
04. Me and Bobby Mcgee
05. Trouble Man
06. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
07. You Asked Me To
08. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
09. Luckenbach, Texas Waylon stops song and talks
10. Luckenbach, Texas
11. I've Always Been Crazy

Followed By

Marty Stuart
Recorded April 1, 1989

12. Hillbilly Rock
13. Don't Leave Her Lonely
14. The Wild One
15. Cry, Cry, Cry
16. When the Sun Goes Down
17. I Want a Woman
18. Paint the Town

From the 15th season of Austin City Limits

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Country music legend Waylon Jennings and super-picker/singer/songwriter Marty Stuart performed their unique brand of outlaw country and hillbilly rock on Austin City Limits.

Waylon Jennings is a class act.
He�s a man who believes in the values of honest work and paying dues.
With 63 albums and 93 singles to his credit over a 30-year-plus career, you know he lives up to his beliefs.

Jennings grew up in West Texas, where he got a job as a disc jockey at age 12 and started his own band at 13.
Like his friend, Buddy Holly, who produced his first recording, Jennings grew up mixing country with the other music he heard on the radio, particularly the blues and R&B he heard on late-night Louisiana stations.

He recorded some minor classics in the early '60s, but did not hit his stride until the early '70s.
His insistence on recording his hard-edged music his own way bucked the assembly line Nashville music establishment and kicked off the �outlaw� movement.

Among Jennings� awards for accomplishments in the music industry are four Country Music Association awards, two Grammy awards and 16 number one songs on the Billboard charts.

Jennings has a definite opinion about the current Nashville music scene.
�We�ve got a whole new batch of artists that have no track record.
They�ve just come out and cut a record and have had instant success through promotions and what have you.
I�m a little worried about some of 'em �cause part of our music comes from payin� the price and payin� your dues,� he said.
Jennings said he heard some new artists (just on the scene less than a year) complaining about late limousines, smoky clubs and playing two shows a night.
It will be interesting to see where those bands are in 30 years.

Emmylou Harris said the new Marty Stuart album, Hillbilly Rock, �is the greatest thing since sliced bread.�
Johnny Cash said that Stuart�s new single, �Cry, Cry, Cry� (written and earlier recorded by Cash), is �just as good or better than anything that�s out today.�
Is this guy talented or what?

Marty Stuart spent much of his young life playing mandolin and guitar for Lester Flatt and Johnny Cash.
He compares his years with Flatt to a high school education and his stint with Cash to a college degree.
He joined Flatt when he was 13.
When Flatt died in 1979, Stuart branched out musically, playing what he describes as a �bluegrass-fusion� style with fiddler Vassar Clements and also working with acoustic guitar virtuoso Doc Watson.

Stuart produced his first album in 1982, and also became a much in demand musician.
His studio and concert credits include artists from Emmylou to Willie to Billy Joel.
He participated in the Cash/Kristofferson/Nelson/Jennings album, The Highwayman, and the historic reunion of Sun artists Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Hillbilly Rock, dedicated to hillbilly pioneers Luther Perkins, W.S. �Fluke� Holland and Ralph Mooney, shows Stuart�s deep respect for roots music.
He puts his personal stamp on new tunes and some old classics.
About re-recording Cash�s �Cry, Cry, Cry,� Stuart said, �You�re really walking on dangerous territory when you cut stuff like that.
It was done right the first time,� he said, �and I was bound and determined to do it right this time.�

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