Wayne Hancock - Maintenance Shop,
Iowa State University Memorial Union, Ames, IA 2003-09-12
"Johnny Cash died today..."

If you can overburn discs to 81m, split between tracks 20 and 21
to get two ~81m discs. If you can't overburn, you could easily trim
a couple between-song breaks to save a minute's length; I've left
all chatter intact so the show's seamless. Otherwise, splits between
tracks 10-11 and 26-27 will result in discs of about 40m, 70m, and 52m.

1. Lose Your Mind
2. No Lovin' Tonight
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. Life on the Road
5. Tag Along
6. Thunderstorms and Neon Signs
7. Walkin' the Dog
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Do Re Mi
10. Cannonball Rag (inst. while Wayne changes a string)
11. Wild Free and Reckless
12. Wine Spo-De-O-De
13. That's What Daddy Wants
14. Drive On
15. Highway 54
16. Kansas City
17. Flatland Boogie
18. Viper
19. Happy Birthday Julie
20. Johnny Law
21. That's Why I Ride
22. Morning, Noon and Night
23. Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
24. Wino Boogie
25. Your Cheatin' Heart
26. Sands of Time
27. California Blues
28. 87 Southbound
29. Juke Joint Jumpin'
30. Smell That Bread
31. Cow Cow Boogie
32. Little Lisa
33. Kansas City Blues
34. Blue Suede Shoes
35. North to Alaska
36. Locomotive Joe
37. Drinkin' Blues
38. Stormy Weather
39. Hoy Hoy Hoy

Wayne Hancock - guitar, vocals
Ric Ramirez - bass
John Edward "Eddie" Biebel - guitar

Source: sbd> Sony M1 DAT
Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII>M-Audio Transit>Sony SoundForge 8.0
Tracking, FLACing, etc.: CDWave, Trader's Little Helper