Weather Report
Carver Gym
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA
September 27, 1973

Transfer: Low Generation Tape Trade > CDR > .wav > iZotope RX 8 / ozone 9 (mastered) > xACT 2050 > FLAC

01 Introduction > Improvisation
02 125th Street Congress
03 Doctor Honoris Causa
04 Directions
05 Boogie Woogie Waltz

Known Faults:
-Doctor Honoris Causa: seamless splice

We are pleased to kick off a series of releases from a long time West Coast taper/collector that recently passed away. He transferred his extensive archives to CDR years prior to his passing and then passed it to a close friend. His friend has been involved in the West Coast music scene for the last five plus decades and understands the importance of getting these historic shows out to the collector�s community. We are working closely reviewing the shows and researching current circulation as well as possible upgrades.

Our first release features Weather Report's opening set for Fleetwood Mac at the Sam Carver Gymnasium at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. This excellent quality capture took place during a transitional period for the band as they took on a more jazz-funk and groove oriented direction. You can hear the beginnings of this new direction they would explore even further into 1974 and beyond. Interestingly, this was a transitional period for Fleetwood Mac as well.

We�ve included newspaper ads, a pre and post review of the show. The reviewer of the show loved Weather Report and thought Fleetwood Mac was awful, the fact the gym had been recently rewired resulting in the gym�s fans remaining off during the concert certainly did not help the mood. The review ends with �Program Commissioner Nils Von Veh expressed hope that Weather Report would return to Western in the spring to perform in the Music Auditorium. Now that would be something�.

Weather report did in fact return to Western on March 10th of the following year to perform in the auditorium, that show appears to have been previously shared but found to be lossy and banned. For those that may not have it, a lossless version from this newly acquired archive is in the not too distant future.

There are a number of folks we are indebted to for access to this exciting new archives, the anonymous West Coast collector, may he rest in peace, his friend that had the motivation and understands the need to get these historically important shows into circulation before they were lost forever and a huge thanks to dime member �davmar77�. He did not currently have the bandwidth to facilitate such an undertaking at this time and put us in touch...this is how dime should work.

Also, a big thanks to Goody, our pitch master, for not only getting this historically important show at the correct speed but going a step beyond by zeroing in on the setlist.

Dimers don't wait until it's too late to get those archives out into circulation.


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