Weather Report
Josef Zawinul - Keyboards
Wayne Shorter - Saxophones
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Dom Um Romao - Percussion
Daryll Brown - Drums
Ishmael Wilburn - Drums
Boston, Mass.
Sept. 27, 1974
runtime: 77:14
performance quality: A (very nice music)
recording quality: B
source: audience tape, unknown lineage
1: nubian sundance
2: percussion > scarlet woman
3: percussion > 125th st. congress
4: piano solo (sophisticated lady) > in a silent way > Dr. Honoris Causa
5: boogie woogie waltz
6: encore: boogie woogie waltz (reprise)
This was first seeded by michael mee (not me) in November 2007 as torrent #170310
here on dime, although I provided him with the recording he posted (before I knew how).
That torrent has since dropped off the tracker entirely, and upon posting, at that time
we didn't know the setlist or date of this concert. Through comments on the original
posting we were able to find that out so it seems a good time to revive this show.
It's the 1st time I've ever seeded this show. The MD5 checksum file and info are
different, the sound files are now titled.
(no other changes were made to the sound files from the 1st posting in Nov. 2007.)
This is a good recording of what sounds to me like a full WR show and it's
one of my favorites of theirs. My first Weather Report concert attended was in
Boston April 1976, I think that was an early Jaco show, didn't record it,
wish I had. I'm pretty sure this is an entirely different setlist than the show
I saw. Shakti opened that show (that was upped here on dime a few months ago, the WR
one has not been that I've found) and everyone was so in shock after Shakti, WR
sounded like lounge jazz in comparison to me. This has some quieter playing
but is for the most part, not a mellow show at all, high energy and 5 long tracks
plus what seems to be a "reprise encore" of great playing (I know Jaco joined WR in
76, but not sure how early along). This is probably a 1st or 2nd generation copy
source for this recording. It's in mono, but it's fairly clean and close enough
to hear everything that's going on, which is alot of hot stuff. It sounds like
the first few notes of the encore may be missing from an encore break pause, but
the tape flip was between songs and no music got cut there.
If anyone can help out with the venue, please do. (I think it's at the Orpheum, but
I can't be sure of that) It was a very vital time for WR music. If anyone wants to
add artwork to this you're welcome to. I did a transfer of this to disc once before,
(prior to 1st posting by michael mee) but didn't like the sound on it, and never
circulated that one. Glad I didn't. This is a fresh transfer and it came out
considerably better this time. (same transfer as the 1st posting).
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.