Weather Report

1977-08-00, Düsseldorf, Germany

Josef Zawinul, kbd
Wayne Shorter, ts, ss
Jaco Pastorius, b
Alejandro Neciosup Acuña, dr
Manolo Badrena, perc

1. Mysterious Traveller Intro
2. Elegant People
3. [Scarlet Woman Intro] (incomplete-)*
4. Teen Town
5. A Remark You Made
6. Black Market
7. JP Solo (<incomplete)
8. Gibraltar
9. Wayne Shorter introduces the band ("Jaco Pastorius on bass, doing the Ferris wheel")
10. Percussion Duet
11. Drum Solo (-incomplete)
12. Percussion Solo (uneasy atmosphere; heckler: "es wird langweilig, komm!")
13. [Milky Way]**
14. Sax Solo -- Piano - Sax Duet (incomplete>)

Total time: 01:15:52

Lineage: audience, unknown generation > CD-R trade > cdparanoia > Audacity (tracking) > FLAC

* track 3: except for the intro 'Scarlet Woman' has obviously been edited out by someone which makes 3 sound like an intro to 'Teen Town'; there's a 3 ms gap between 3 and 4 which I didn't remove in order to document this edit

** track 13: this is a synth transition from the percussion solo to the sax solo. It reminds of 'Milky Way' from Weather Report's 1971 'Weather Report' album. I gave this its own track so it doesn't get overlooked.