Palalido, Milano, Italy
October 25, 1980

AUDIENCE MASTER > Trade CDR > FLAC > WAV > Adobe Audition CS6 (normalise to -2 dB) > TLH > FLAC (L8, align on SB)

Very good for that vintage recording! (listen to mp3 samples below)

Disc 1
01 Fast City (J.Zawinul)
02 Madagascar (J.Zawinul)
03 Dream Clock (J.Zawinul)
04 Night Passage (J.Zawinul)
05 Three Views Of A Secret (J.Pastorius)
06 Port Of Entry (W.Shorter)
07 bass solo (J.Pastorius)
08 Brown Street (J.Zawinul-W.Shorter)

Disc 2
01 Medley:
Forlorn (J.Zawinul)
Rockin' In Rhythm (Duke Ellington-Irving Mills-Harry Carney)
Birdland (J.Zawinul)
02 drums and percussion duet (P.Erskine-R.Thomas)
03 Medley:
keyboard and sax duet (J.Zawinul-W.Shorter)
Badia (J.Zawinul)

Joe Zawinul (keyboards)
Wayne Shorter (saxes)
Jaco Pastorius (bass)
Peter Erskine (drums)
Robert Thomas Jr. (percussion)

Many thanks to PINO27 for the original file set!

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