Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks
Jammin' In July
Revolutionary War Park
Camden, SC USA
2015/07/11 (July 11, 2015)
ex+ (superb) MASTER aud
COMPLETE concert
(the SHORTEST WW concert that
I have EVER attended)

Setlist and Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Brief Introduction
Track 02 - No Great Shakes
Track 03 - The Devil's Right Hand
Track 04 - Stay Out Of Automobiles
Track 05 - More Like Me
Track 06 - Pool Side
Track 07 - The Human Cannonball
Track 08 - Who Will The Next Fool Be
Track 09 - The Big Time
Track 10 - Hittin' Where It Hurts
Track 11 - Carryin' The News To Mary
Track 12 - Burnin' For You
Track 13 - Louisiana Hannah
Track 14 - Tough It Out

Lineage -

Internal rear (120 degree) mics >
ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder >
SanDisk SD 4GB sound card (tracked songs here) >
transferred wav files to HD >
Trader's Little Helper (wav files to flac, encode level 8,
aligned on sector boundaries)

One CD, TT: 57:30


ex+ MASTER aud
(your mileage may vary
slightly so please no
insults if you disagree)
complete concert
9.5-10/10 IMHO as always


Webb Wilder - Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Tom Comet - Bass/Vocals
Nameless Guy - Drums/Vocals*

* Sadly, Webb never identified this guy in
the recording unless my "Oldtimers" disease
has kicked in ; he was NOT Jimmy Lester or
anyone that I could identify...

This was/is a superb-sounding show BUT it was the
shortest WW concert that I have EVER attended. WW
played for 57:30 and the admission was $ 20 US which
had me feeling a bit ripped off after the show was
over. I MUST admit, though, that the $ 20 allowed you
to see at least 6 bands IIRC & the concert started in
the early afternoon of July 11th. However it was hotter
than hell that day & I was only interested in seeing
WW so it was kind of a trade-off. IIRC, part of the
admission helped to fund the Revolutionary War Park
which is a really cool collection of reconstructed
buildings which contain artifacts (behind glass) from
the Revolutionary War. A famous battle occured very
near Sumter, SC and these artifacts were dug up from
the battlesite & surrounding areas and collected for
any interested parties to view for free. I've visited
there MANY times (as I love history) and it's a great
place to spend an afternoon if you like 18th century
warfare. If interested, you can google the park (use
the full name) or Camden, South Carolina & see what
you find. Anyway, I'll briefly describe the concert
and some salient points...

I got to the park at about 8PM and a Swedish bluesman
named Robert Lighthouse played right before Webb. This
guy was fantastic ! I didn't record him, which was a
big mistake, but I'm on the lookout for him constantly
now that I've heard him. He plays dirty-ass Chicago blues
like he was born there. If he comes to your area, go see
him ; you'll be glad you did ! RL played for about 35
minutes and Webb came on after ~ a 15 minute intermission.
WW & The Beatnecks is almost always a quartet but that
night it was just a trio. The usual lead guitarist (Bob
Williams) was nowhere to be seen. Webb did a respectable
job handling lead guitar duties as well as his normal
rhythm guitar chores. I was seated at a picnic table about
30 feet from the stage with only 2 other people & they were
both VERY quiet, which was very gratifying. There were no
more than 40 people attending the concert at this time which
explains the superb quality of the concert's sound. Nobody
there talked very much at all and the band's volume drowned
out any stray chatter. The boys played 13 songs before
calling it a night, which quite dismayed & surprised me.
After they left the stage, the final band of the night began
to set up on a stage behind me and to my lower right. They
played "Down By The River" by Neil Young and God, what a
trainwreck...they obviously hadn't practiced very much at
all for this event. Offkey singing, playing and coming in
at the wrong times were hallmarks of their show. It was a
band made up of local musicians and it was sad to listen
to them. I got my stuff together and left around 11PM,
feeling overcharged. Oh well, these things happen but at
least I came away with a stellar recording. That's about
all the reporting I have for you about the concert so let's
get this thing rolling.......


No buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you
can. Spread it far & wide for all to enjoy. I will furnish
several sound samples to let you know what the musical deal
is so have fun, don't freak out and enjoy the show. Jojogunne
over & out...

jojogunne 1/7/2016

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and have
a Happy New Year !