Weddings, Parties, Anything

Petersham's Hotel, Sydney, 21 February 1988

Source unknown: Original taper unknown- Most likley from Soundboard as very good quality

Transferred from original tape ( passed on to me by a friend) to wav by me then flac

Several of the tracks (in brackets) were used in the "Roaring Days" short film and therefore are not posted here as per DIME's policy.

Remains my favourite all time WPA gig that I have on tape.
Go ! Move ! Shift ! was always a kick ass track live.
Some regular early songs here that were not heard much in the 90's.

When was the last time you saw a band play 40 songs at a gig !!!!??? (Ok 39, Happy Birthday to Mick doesn't count!!)

Just a cracker.

01 Bright Lights Tonight live- WPA
02 Go ! Move ! Shift ! live WPA
03 Wiskey in the Jar live- WPA
04 If You Gotta Go live- WPA
(05 Say the Word live- WPA)
(06 Tilting at Windows live- WPA)
07 Big River live- WPA
08 Under the Clocks live- WPA
09 The River is Wide live- WPA
10 She Works live- WPA
(11 Seargent Small live- WPA)
(12 Roaring Days live WPA)
13 Up for Air live
14 Broken English live- WPA
15 Industrial Town live- WPA
16 Laughing Boy live- WPA
17 The King of Nauru live- WPA
18 The River is Wide (trad) live- WPA
(19 Sisters of Mercy live- WPA)
20 Memphis live- WPA
21 The Emperor's New Clothes live- WPA
22 Bourgeois Blues live
23 One Perfect Day live- WPA
24 Gun live- WPA
25 Bells of Rhymney live- WPA
26 Missing in Action live- WPA
27 Happy Bday to Mick live- WPA
28 Spanish Bomb Shelter live- WPA
29 Shotgun Wedding live- WPA
30 Away, Away live- WPA
31 Women of Ireland live- WPA
32 Summons in the Morning live- WPA
33 It's All Over Now live- WPA
34 Hungry Years live- WPA
35 Streets Of Forbes live WPA
36 Scorn of the Women live- WPA
37 Way Out West live- WPA
38 Never Again (Albion Tuesday Night) live- WPA
39 Nadine live- WPA
40 Leave Her Johnny live- WPA