The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga.

Source: AKG c480b/ck63 (pos, dfc, clamped to first balcony rail)>V3 (24/96)>sd722
Transfer: firewire>wavelab 6.10 [Crystal Resampler (downsample) iZotope Ozone 4 (dither)]>CDWav (splits)>FLACFrontend level 6>foobar2000 (tagging)
taped and transferred by John Barren
A Team Dirty South Recording
Home Team

01. greetings
02. Stallion Part 1
03. Touch My Tooter
04. Beacon Light
05. Take Me Away
06. Exactly Where I'm At
07. She Wanted to Leave
08. Woman and Man
09. Object
10. Gabrielle
11. Seconds
12. Boy's Club
13. Dr. Rock
14. Homo Rainbow
15. Did You See Me
16. The Stallion Part 3
17. Awesome Sound
18. She Fucks Me
19. intros
20. It's Gonna Be a Long Night
21. Licking the Palm for Guava>
22. Mushroom Festival in Hell
23. A Tear for Eddie
24. Buckingham Green
25. How High Can You Fly
26. Old Queen Cole
27. Ocean Man
28. Transdermal Celebration
29. You Fucked Up
30. encore break*
31. Polka Dot Tale
32. The Mollusk
33. house music

* The bulk of the encore break was deleted, then the beginning and end crossfaded. No banter or music was deleted.

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