Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman
Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Source: SBD > ? > cass > wav > flac

Set I
Walkin' Blues
Twilight Time
Fever >
Eternity (intrumental)
Artificial Flowers
Shade Of Grey >
Heaven Help The Fool

Set II
K.C. Moan
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Looks Like Rain
The Winners
Easy To Slip
Bass Jam (Satisfaction tease @ 4:36)
Victim Or The Crime
Throwin' Stones


Found this tape while doing some cleaning. I don't believe it has circulated at all. Per Charlie Miller he has the cassette master soundboard recording, so a better copy will someday be available. For now this will have to do. :)

There is some hiss and the sound seems a little muted for the 1st two songs on each side of the tape (Walkin' Blues and Twilight Time & Looks Like Rain and The Winners).

Tape flip after When I Paint My Masterpiece. Satisfaction cuts after a minute and a half.
Feb. 13, 2017