Weird Al Yankovic
July 7, 2016
Lawn at White River State Park
Indianapolis, Indiana

Source: Sound Professionals CMC-08s->SP-SB10->Roland R05->
CoolEditPro->CD Wave->TLH
Taper: ironchef

Total time: 111:51

01. Intro
02. Tacky
03. Lame Claim to Fame
04. Now That's What I Call Polka!
05. video
06. Perform This Way
07. video
08. Dare to be Stupid
09. video
10. Fat
11. video
12. First World Problems
13. Foil
14. video
15. Smells Like Nirvana
16. video
17. Party in the CIA / It's All About the Pentiums / Handy / Bedrock Anthem
Another One Rides the Bus / Ode to a Superhero / Gump / Inactive / eBay
18. Canadian Idiot
19. video
20. Eat It / I Lost on Jeopardy / I Love Rocky Road / Like a Surgeon (acoustic set)
21. video
22. White and Nerdy
23. video (Eminem interview)
24. Word Crimes
25. video
26. Amish Paradise
27. band introductions
28. encore break
29. We All Have Cell Phones
30. The Saga Begins
31. Yoda

Notes: Recorded from near the stage right P.A. Despite being a fan of Weird Al back in the
80's like everyone else who grew up then I just hadn't followed his career all that closely for a
long time and hadn't seen him until now. I knew it would be a good show but was still blown away
by how good and thoroughly entertaining it was. My face hurt from smiling and laughing for the
first hour. Since I'm not that familiar with a lot of pop music from the past several years I had
to do my homework before going, and it helped me get a lot of the jokes I would have missed otherwise.
He's touring like mad this year, so go out and see Weird Al. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!