February 11, 1998
Wild Duck Inn
Eugene, OR


Disc 01:
01 Helpless (Laundry)
02 16 Days
03 Drank Like a River
04 Somebody Remembers the Rose
05 Not Home Anymore
06 Too Drunk to Dream
07 Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
08 Everything I Do
09 Dancing with the Women at the Bar
10 Midway Park
11 Yesterday's News
Acoustic (Ryan, Caitlin & Mike):
12 [Ryan Talks]
13 I Still Miss Someone
14 Losering -> Happy Birthday
15 Houses on the Hill
16 Easy Hearts

Disc 02:
01 Tennessee Square
Electric again (Rest of the band returns):
02 Today
03 Turn Around
04 Breathe


Ryan Adams - vocals, guitar
Caitlin Cary - fiddle, vocals
Mike Daly - lap steel, keyboards, guitar
Ed Crawford - guitar
Jenni Snyder - bass
Skillet Gilmore - drums

AUD recording
Source/Taper unknown
Extracted from CDR to FLAC with EAC.

Here's another Whiskeytown show from my CD-R collection. This
was a widely circulated show back in the CD-R trading days, but
according to the BOT-Archive, it hasn't been up here for a long
time. It was uploaded by okcomputer on Sep. 25, 2004 and
stayed on the tracker for 65 days. It's not been up on Dime
since. The upload back then did not include any source/taper
info either. Samples included.