The White Cheddar Boys
XFest 17 - Xtreme Folk Festival
Telford PA
2017-06-10 Saturday
85'F 56%RH

Source: (1) Busman BSCS-L > Edirol R-44
(2) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3's) > Edirol R-44
(3) SBD > Edirol OCM R-44
Soundman : Terry Mutchler, MountainTop Productions
Location : FOB sweet spot
Transfer: Audacity > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded by capnhook

t01 -intro-
t02 High On A Mountain
t03 Bowling Green
t04 Jacquins Liquor
t05 -band intros-
t06 Steam Powered Airplane
t07 -tuning-
t08 Folsom Prison Blues
t09 -tuning-
t10 In Tall Buildings
t11 Freeborn Man
t12 -tuning-
t13 Wild Horses
t14 -thanks-
t15 Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Never For Sale.
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Huey McBanjo - Banjo
Russ McNasty - Acoustic Guitar
Ovi McHorta - Suitcase
Michael McLane - Bass
Danny Mulligan - Mandolin
Renee Drezner
Wiskers Weiss - Jew's Harp

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