White Hills
Paradiso (Kleine Zaal)
The Netherlands
22nd September 2014 (2014-09-22)


Type: Audience master, recorded 4 metres back from the suspended
left-hand side PA.

Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) ->
Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod
(-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)

Lineage: Audacity 2.0.5
* Amplified left channel by 2.8 dB.
* Amplified right channel by 4 dB.
* Performed minor attenuation of audience noise.
* Added fades.
* Split tracks.
* Converted to 16 bit.
-> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.3.0 20130526]

Taper: Ian Macdonald (ianmacd)


01. [01:46] [intro]
02. [05:12] No Game To Play
03. [05:43] The Condition Of Nothing
04. [08:32] Love Serve Remember
05. [07:29] Forever In Space (Enlightened)
06. [00:21] [banter]
07. [08:49] Under Skin Or By Name
08. [05:39] In Your Room
09. [00:24] [band introduction]
10. [02:20] [encore break]
11. [10:23] Glitter Glamour Atrocity
12. [00:29] [banter]
13. [06:17] You Dream You See

Total running time: 63:29


Well, after two Kate Bush shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in London last week,
White Hills upstairs in the Paradiso's small room is a bit of a change of

White Hills are funny. They're like a Rock Band band come to life. I mean, a
female bass player with glittery arms, a PVC catsuit that I wish my wife would
wear, and a name like Ego Sensation just can't be real, can she?

Well, they _are_ real, they are a three-piece from New York, and they make a
good old racket. It's uncomplicated space rock, laden with effects and howling
guitars (and even superfluous vocals), but sometimes that's just what is
called for.

They come on more than half an hour late, after 22:00, because Elephant Stone
were hogging the stage before them. As soon as they've set up their equipment
and left the room just long enough to make their reemergence feel like a
proper entrance, they're back and the noise can start.

The recording is excellent, on a par with the one I made of the band in the
same place almost a year ago to the day. If you're in the mood to blast the
cerebral cobwebs out of your skull, you could do worse than to don headphones,
put this show on and turn the volume up to 11.

As always, samples are included to help you determine whether it is worth your