The Who: Fillmore West, San Francisco
18 June 1969

Total Time: 75:15

Sound sample attached in the 'Comments' section.

A nice audience recording for this time period, although there are a few cuts. I believe the next night's show (where Townshend mentioned at the end that they couldn't do anymore because they had to appear in court the next day) often had this date mistakenly attributed to it, but this is the genuine article.

Cassette -> Remastered (GoldWave) -> CDR -> FLAC (Frontend)

1. Heaven and Hell
2. Can't Explain
3. Young Man Blues (incomplete)
4. Fortune Teller
5. Tattoo
6. It's a Boy
7. 1921
8. Amazing Journey (incomplete)
9. Sparks
10. Eyesight to the Blind
11. Christmas
12. The Acid Queen (cuts)
13. Pinball Wizard (cuts in)
14. Do You Think It's Alright
15. Fiddle About
16. There's a Doctor
17. Go to the Mirror
18. Smash the Mirror
19. I'm Free
20. Tommy's Holiday Camp
21. We're Not Gonna Take It
22. Summertime Blues
23. Shakin' All Over (end cuts)
24. Magic Bus (cuts)