I received this recording claiming it was one of the famed gig in Paris on 9th December 1969. But it is not so.
That gig was always mythical and slightly doubted. On Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page (ROIO section), it appears under this date with a very similar track list, just short of My Generation encore. This was one of the strongest motifs for the belief that the show really happened.
However, Joe McMichael and Irish Jack Lyons postpone the date by one day in the Concert File stating:
"Wednesday, December 10, Venue unknown, Paris, France;
According to a Melody Maker news report, The Who were due to pay a three-day visit to Paris for television promotion and possible concerts. However, it's probable the trip didn't eventuate, considering the group played two Paris concerts the following month. A recording of a show in Paris has been attributed to this December 1969 date, although it may well be from January 16, 1970.
Pete commented that it was the first Who appearance in Paris for some years, and the first time 'A Quick One (While He's Away)' had been played in the city, let alone Tommy. 'Substitute' as played at this show sounded particularly strong."
Neill and Kent do not mention the stint at all in Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (which is about the most reliable Who chronicle that there is), but for the Paris visit in January next year, there is an important note:
"The show on the 17th was broadcast live at 9:00 p.m. on Europe 1 as a Musicorama special, and news footage was shown on ORTF."
Therefore the bootlegged FM broadcast (No Fiddlesticks) stemmed from the show on 17th, and not from the 16th as the description of it often said. Another audience recording circulated very lately on Dime is identical with the FM recording (the same stage banter, song list and playing). So both the circulated recordings (AUD and FM) are from the same show and that was the 17th.
Recently, the aforementioned news footage appeared on YouTube, subtitled as a shot from 16th January (, providing the last missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The commentary in the shot says: "After Covent Garden,......., The Who appeared after four years in Paris at the Theatre of Champs Elys�es." (Alright they got it wrong, it was not Covent Garden but the Coliseum; nevertheless, this is evidently a shot taken AFTER their London opera house appearance.) And more importantly, Pete can clearly be heard say: "It's nice to be back in Paris because last time we were here nobody really knew who we were..." And he would not have said this, had they been in Paris just one month ago!
And he continues, "We'd like to especially dedicate this next song, which is probably the biggest hit in our history, probably bigger than Tommy in its time..."
Listening to this audience recording, you will find exactly the same speech before My Generation! Therefore this is not the recording from 9th or 10th December 1969 because no such show ever happened!
It is a recording of their first Paris gig after 4 years, on 16th January 1970.
Mystery solved! Another Who myth busted! Enjoy!

The Who
16th January 1970 (the genuine audience tape from this date)
Th��tre des Champs-�lys�es
Paris, France

Lineage: unknown - FLAC files received in trade. Fits on 1 cd.

01 - Heaven And Hell
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - Fortune Teller
04 - Tattoo
05 - Young Man Blues
06 - A Quick One While He's Away
07 - Substitute
08 - Happy Jack
09 - I'm A Boy
10 - Overture
11 - It's A Boy
12 - 1921
13 - Amazing Journey
14 - Sparks
15 - Eyesight To The Blind
16 - Christmas
17 - The Acid Queen
18 - Pinball Wizard
19 - Do You Think It's Alright
20 - Fiddle About
21 - Tommy Can You Hear Me
22 - There's A Doctor
23 - Go To The Mirror
24 - Smash The MirrorMiracle Cure
25 - Sally Simpson
26 - I'm Free
27 - Tommy's Holiday Camp
28 - We're Not Gonna Take It
29 - See Me, Feel Me
30 - My Generation