The Who Cobo Hall,
Detroit, Michigan - July 5, 1970.

Source: Unknown Audience Recording.

Set List:

Disc 1: 47:08 Minutes.

1.Heaven & Hell 4:14
2.I Can't Explain 2:58
3.Water 9:39
4.I Don't Even Know Myself 5:31
5.Young Man Blues 8:29
6.Overture 5:31
7.It's a Boy 0:34
8.1921 2:19
9.Amazing Journey 5:02
10.Sparks 2:46

Disc 2: 54:47 Minutes.

1.Eyesight to the Blind 1:55
2.Christmas 3:10
3.The Acid Queen 3:23
4.Pinball Wizard (Slightly Cut at Beginning) 2:42
5.Do You Think it's Alright? 0:22
6.Fiddle About 1:14
7.Tommy Can You Hear Me? 0:55
8.There's a Doctor 0:23
9.Go to the Mirror 3:19
10.Smash the Mirror 1:12
11.Miracle Cure 0:20
12.I'm Free 2:20
13.Tommy's Holiday Camp 1:00
14.We're Not Gonna Take It 10:29
15.Summertime Blues 3:48
16.Shakin' All Over - Spoonful (Cuts In) 7:42
17.My Generation 10:25

Notes: A fair sounding Audience Recording that is almost complete. It includes the beginning of H&H, which most 70's boots seem to miss, however, Shakin' All Over is slightly cut as is Pinball Wizard.

There is some tape hiss present and some signs of distortion and bass heavy moments, most notably the beginning of H&H. I think the taper was having difficuly with recording levels. It does get better from Young Man Blues and onwards on Disc 1. Disc 2 has the same bass heavy and distortion problems up until Do You Think It's Alright?. These audio defects are present on the original CDR's. The Acid Queen has a source tape problem towards the end. I don't think that the source tape was in that great a condition when it was transfered!

Townshend reminises about being in Detroit 3 years ago before launching into My Generation which includes some nice Naked Eye improvisation.

101:95 Minutes.

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