The Who: de Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
September 16, 1970

Approximate Length: 89:49

A fair audience recording with little clarity and a few cuts here and there, but acceptable for this era. The chop just after 'Sparks' is from the original recording, and this seemed like a good place to divide the discs, since it's roughly halfway through the show. This short tour came shortly after their famous appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Cassette -> CDR -> FLAC (Frontend)

DISC 1 (44:12)
1. Heaven and Hell
2. Can�t Explain
3. Young Man Blues
4. I Don�t Even Know Myself
5. Water
6. Overture
7. It�s a Boy
8. 1921
9. Amazing Journey
10. Sparks

DISC 2 (45:37)
1. Eyesight to the Blind
2. Christmas (incomplete)
3. The Acid Queen
4. Pinball Wizard
5. Do You Think It�s Alright
6. Fiddle About
7. Tommy Can You Hear Me
8. There�s a Doctor
9. Go to the Mirror (incomplete)
10. Smash the Mirror
11. Miracle Cure
12. I�m Free
13. Tommy�s Holiday Camp
14. We�re Not Gonna Take It
15. Jam/My Generation
16. Naked Eye/Jam

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