The Who
Forest Hills Tennis Stadium
Flushing, New York
July 31, 1971

Second of two shows (1st was on July 29th in hard rain, this went down in sunny weather).
Complete show, first generation copes with flutter-free end part.

*Contrast clause RE my previous upload as torrent #509849 (on the tracker from 2009/10/31 to 07/24/2011): fresh 2016 reel-to-digital transfer and sonic upgrade.*

With BIG TIME thanks to long-time collector Larry "Florida Kid" who provided the source tapes and did the new transfer!

Lineage: unknown brand mono microphone and cassette tape recorder > TDK SD 90 normal bias cassette master/* Maxell normal bias cassette master > open reel (= 1st.gen.) > Larry Clark's fresh mid-2016 transfer, replay from mint condition TEAC 1230 reel-to-reel player > Wav > Audacity (for track marks, auto-boosting and slight editing) > Wav > FLAC (level 8) > DIME > lucky you and all fellow Whonatix!Uploaded to Dimadozen on Oct 31, 2016 by Docdondy

Sound quality is better than the old "Such a Night" vinyl bootleg, I'd rate it vg+ or 3 out of 6
Audio samples in comments.

Newly designed cover artwork included as PDF files.

Pete �The Genius� Townshend
Roger �Tommy� Daltrey
John �The Ox� Entwistle
Keith �The Loon� Moon

CD 1:
TOTAL: 58:31 min.

CD 2:
5. MAGIC BUS (part 1)
6. MAGIC BUS (part 2) / *
7. JAM * /
8. NAKED EYE * /
TOTAL: 46:54 min.

Both master recordings done by same taper & equipment.
Updated information to this show (as of Oct. 31, 2016)

OK, dear fellow Whoionados, here's the updated info to this torrent, i.e. the two source tapes and their wild and long history. First of all, I must say I'm more than happy to be able to share with you this upgrade of what is most probably my all-time fave �Ooooo show. It happens that I first uploaded my version of this show seven years ago to the day! Speak of magic, eh? :-) Before my first upload, most collectors had had this c. 105 min. running show (which is LONG for a Who show of that time) either as a copy off the old and incomplete �Such a Night� vinyl bootleg or from a complete tape source which suffered from bad wow and flutter that starts with �My Generation�.

My 2009 torrent on DIME was what I had received on CD-Rs in 2008 or 2009 from my long-time collecting partner and my personal "low generation god" Larry "Florida Kid" Clark who had done the reel-to-digital transfer for me. That was the first first generation, complete and flutter-free version I had come across in ages of collecting � and I�m a �lowest generation possible�-nerd.

Now, in mid-2016 Larry got access to a mint condition TEAC 1230 reel-to-reel player, made the effort of doing a fresh transfer and was so super-kind to upload and share that thing on a net forum for Who collectors. Plus, he even gave me the "green light" to share this new version with all of you here and "out there" in Wholand! Thanks a kazillion, mate!

This fresh transfer yields a slight, though clearly audiable upgrade for the first tape with a wee little more highs and without additional hiss, but at the same time an enormous improvement for the 2nd tape that starts with the 2nd part of MAGIC BUS. That tape's original dullness seems to be all washed off now! Real cool, as that part contains not less than c. 30 min. of the entire show and a beautiful version of my Who fave "NAKED EYE!

For those who may have missed out on the first torrent, here�s the recap of the little anorak story behind the recording and its different versions: Mind that I got as well the recording as the essential info from my said long time-trading pal Larry who recorded a lot of NYC shows back in the early 70�s (such as the 8/28/70 Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac and Fairport Convention show that DavMar77 seeded here several years back). Thanks a big lot again, Larry, for this copy and all your first-hand info.

As far as Larry (and I) knew there was only ever one source tape for this show in common circulation; in fact, in all my years of trading/swapping I had come across quite a few different copies but they all clearly stemmed from the same source. Larry and the guy who actually taped this recording had become friends after they first met about one year after the Who's Forest Hills concert, at the John Lennon, "One-To-One", Madison Square Garden, 8/30/72, late show. They were sitting next to each other and discovered they were both taping it! Cool, eh? Eventually, the orioginal taper was so nice and lent Larry the tapes so he could copy them to his open reel tape.

The first and major portion of the show was taped on a 90min. TDK SD cassette, and you can clearly hear the tape change to a Maxell tape just before �My Generation� some 80 min. into the show. From there, the sound is audibly inferior, perhaps because the recording head of the tape deck wasn't biased as well for the Maxell cassette.

Both master tapes originally ran OK. Early in the copying process however, both master cassettes were obviously lent to different people. One of them obviously never cleaned his tape heads or rollers etc. so the 2nd cassette did not run smoothly and developed wow and flutter virtually from the start, i.e. from "My Generation". That was the version that unfortunately got into wider circulation - either in complete state or on C 90 cassettes with �Magic Bus� cut midway through.

Such a 90min. version was used for the �Such A Night� vinyl bootleg a few years down the road and up the analog copy generation lineage. The bootleggers chopped off the �Magic Bus� part after �My Generation�, and placed it at the end of side 2 of their double album. Plus, they claimed on their cover the show took place on September 31 (yo, sure!), 1971 though I think their time specification of �10. p.m� sounds pretty likely. I still used their cover for my - similarly simple - artwork for its bootleg charm and the old glorious vinyl times' sake.

However, and thankfully, the two master cassettes were also lent to a more skilled person who made his own copy which resulted in the second tape part running OK. He just started the 2nd tape a wee bit too late so the first few notes of �My Generation� notes are missing from this otherwise good sounding version. That version wasn't ciculated that widely unfortunately so my 2009 torrent gave all of us the opportunity to finally listen to this night�s monster version of �Naked Eye� without bleeding ears.

And what we have now is one of The 'Orrible 'Oooos best shows ever in best possible quality... Can it get any better? Not for me, at least.

Happy WHOlloween!