deck the hall with the who
(what a bargain)
The Who
Roger Daltrey- vocals
Pete Townshend- guitar
John Entwistle (the Ox)- bass
Keith Moon- drums
Music Hall
Boston, Mass.
August 5th 1971
runtime: 76:40 (minutes/seconds)
1: love ain't for keeping 2:42
2: pure and easy 6:31
3: my wife 5:07
4: I can't explain 4:54
5: bargain 6:48
6: behind blue eyes 5:35
7: won't get fooled again 8:49 (end spliced after song, tape flip)
8: don't even know myself 5:42
9: pinball wizard 3:40
10: my generation 3:53
11: magic bus 8:09
12: see me, feel me 5:40
13: encore medley 9:05 (Daddy Rolling Stone, road runner)
trade cassette, of several analog cassette generations from the source tape >
played on Nak. 300 (with speed adjusting) into soundforge (wav) > flac (sb's aligned) >
torrentially yours. A who knows what this comes from production.
according to etree listing, this recording is missing "baby don't you do it"
(after won't get fooled). based on the typical length of 1971 who shows, this is
quite likely true, that, and/or one or two other songs may be missing in this recording.
this post includes all that is on the tape I have. the recording (possibly a previous
transfer of it) has some flaws in it where the music cuts out momentarily, and there
are a couple of parts with fairly loud shuffling noises from crowd movement, but there
don't appear to be any tape flip interruptions in any of the songs included here.
etree lists this show as August 5, 1971, but the tape says August 20 and they
were in Chicago on Aug. 19, so either date could be right.
the tape ran quite slow to my ears so I speed adjusted it based on how I'm used to
hearing these songs sound. Quadrophenia, Tommy and Who's Next are probably my staple
Who albums so I'm very familiar with how these songs should normally sound.
It's a what was that production (the sound isn't anything to get excited over)
fortunately the band is a Who was there production. the performance is very good
and all four of them contribute some interesting between song banter.
fortunately most of that seems to be included here.
no idea how many generations the tape source of this comes from, but it's a few,
unfortunately the hiss is rather prominent, probably from analog tape copy lineage,
and there is a moderate amount of crowd noise, it's not overwhelming. otherwise the
recording is not too bad for this era, and all the instruments and vocals (and between
song stage talk) are clearly heard.
this is the first who's next live recording I ever heard, and I didn't notice any cuts
in the recording, but there are a few problems, either in the source or a previous
transfer of it between the original and my tape copy, some bumps from crowd movements
and a few momentary interruptions. I've reduced a few of the bumps to make them less
intrusive to the listening experience. I did not use any EQ or noise reduction.
there's mention of them playing 4 nights in Boston, but I think they played just 2.
Pete says they're playing louder in Boston because they weren't playing loud
enough anywhere else. If they really did play 4 nights (apparently they like Boston,
but I am surprised they ever did that), this could be called "deck the hall with the Who
for a week" (part 1,2,3 or 4, whichever one it may be), but in any case it was a good time.
apparently the Who did not play Boston in 1972, but in 1973 for "Quadrophenia", they played
at Boston Garden (the local hockey arena) as they did in 1979 and a few times before that.

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