Public Hall
Cleveland, Ohio
August 12th, 1971

From Luciferburns unknown gen tape > CDR (jan 2014) > EAC > Flac > dime

Rough recording, but still listenable and pretty rare !! The sound improves a little as the concert goes on.
Some gaps were edited out, but no music is missing, except end of tape (Naked Eye)
No sound treatment applied.

If someone have an upgrade, please share it !!

Setlist :
101. Love Ain't For Keeping
102. Pure And Easy
103. My Wife
104. I Can't Explain
105. Substitute
106. Bargain
107. Behind Blue Eyes
108. Won't Get Fooled Again

201. Don't Even Know Myself
202. Baby, Don't You Do It
203. Pinball Wizard
204. See Me Feel Me
205. My Generation
206. Magic Bus
207. Naked Eye (cut out near the end)

81 min

Enjoy !!