The Who
18th September 1971
The Oval Cricket Ground
Kennington, South London, England

Lineage: Silver CD -> WAVE (Exact Rip with xACT) -> FLAC (Level 8, xACT)
Silver: Trystar, TR0015, "Gibson Was Destroyed In Oval"

01. Love Ain't For Keeping
02. I Can't Explain
03. Substitute
04. Bargain
05. Behind Blue Eyes
06. Won't Get Fooled Again
07. Pinball Wizard
08. See Me, Feel Me / We're Not Gonna Take It
09. My Generation
10. Naked Eye
11. Magic Bus
12. Jeff Dexter's Announcements

Stage Banter Transcription by Tom Pratt!

Artwork and MD5 Verification Files are included.


A decent audience recording, but not the complete show. This show was the "Goodbye Summer" charity concert to benefit the Bangladesh Relief Fund. The Who headlined a day long show that featured Cochise, The Grease Band, Lindisfarne, Quintessence, Mott the Hoople, America, Eugene Wallace, Atomic Rooster, and The Faces.

According to "The Who Concert File" the concert was MC'ed by Jeff Dexter, and not Rikki Farr as the artwork incorrectly has listed.

The Who had a nice smash up at the end of Magic Bus, lead by Keith Moon who bashed away at his drumset with a cricket bat that had been loaned to Dexter from the Surrey Cricket Club, and stolen by Keith to use as drumsticks.

The event was recorded on 8-track Dolby Sound using the Pye Mobile unit, but none of the soundboard recording has yet surfaced. If anyone has this, please let us know!

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