Saturday 30th October 1971
Live at The Odeon Cinema,
Northumberland Street,


01. I Can't Explain
02. Substitute
03. Summertime Blues
04. My Wife
05. Baba O' Riley
06. Bargain
07. Behind Blue Eyes
08. Won't Get Fooled Again
09. Baby Don't You Do It
10. Magic Bus
11. Overture - Amazing Journey - Sparks
12. Pinball Wizard
13. See Me Feel Me (cut)

Remaster Notes:

This is probably my favourite show of the UK 71 run, i've had this a couple of years since the taper graciously first torrented it here, it's a great show and a good recording from the time, although it did suffer from a lot of muddy bass which tended to swamp it. So basically i decided one day whilst listening to it to try and get it balanced out a bit more and hopefully improve the highs somewhat, anyway here's the result.

StackRock (Nov 2008)

Tapers Notes:

This one was dusted off a few years ago and distributed on cassette through The Who traders network. It was recorded by me from front row centre of the balcony at the old Odeon Cinema in Newcastle. Sadly, the tape ended right bang in the middle of the last song. Sorry guys.

Recording equipment was as primitive as it gets: a bottom of the range ITT-KB cassetteplayer/recorder with the shittiest little plastic mic plugged into it. The mic was taped to the armrest of the seat. The cassette was a Philips C90 ferric tape (I donít think that chrome tapes had been invented at this point!).

This original cassette was recorded from my Marantz cassette deck straight into the soundcard onto my hard drive using Cool Edit 2000 and split into wav files using CD Wave. I burned CDRs from these wav files and have just extracted them using EAC>Flac frontend.