The Who
LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA
November 23, 1973 (see below)

Source: Audience

Original source lineage: Unknown Gen Trader's CDR > XACT > FLAC

Additional lineage:
Flacs decoded to wav
Gaps/clicks between all tracks removed and cleaned up, two small repeats removed with Adobe Audition 3.0.1
Tracked with CD Wave, encoded to flac 8 with Flac Frontend, tagged and verified

01 I Can't Explain (2:38)
02 Summertime Blues (3:52)
03 My Wife (6:10)
04 My Generation (5:06)
05 I Am The Sea (2:24)
06 The Real Me (5:23)
07 The Punk And The Godfather (4:51)
08 I'm One (3:38)
09 Helpless Dancer (2:52)
10 5.15 (7:30)
11 Sea And Sand (6:10)
12 Drowned (10:03)

- fade out and in (CD break)

13 Bell Boy (7:31)
14 Doctor Jimmy (7:22)
15 Love Reign O'er Me (6:16)
16 Won't Get Fooled Again (cut at the end) (8:45)
17 Pinball Wizard (2:51)
18 See Me Feel Me (7:09)
19 My Generation (6:29)
20 Let's See Action (3:02)
21 Magic Bus (13:49)
22 Naked Eye (cuts) (5:14)
23 Baby Don't You Do It (alternate source supplied by DocDondy) (11:21)

Total time: 140:35

Notes by the uploader:

"According to, it is shown that this recording is from 1973-11-22, and unfortunately, 'Baby Don't You Do It' is not included on this recording.

I acquired this recording a number of years ago, and to my ears, sounds like a low gen, and was a vast improvement over my previous copy, which unfortunately, did not include 'Baby Don't You Do It' either."

DocDondy's comments:

"There obviously was a guy who filmed part of the FIRST show (22/11), and he confirmed at the meanwhile gone LLR site last year which show is which. He actually attended both shows and said the show with Baby Don't You Do It was definately the 2nd night's show (11/23/73).

When he sent his film to another collector to synch up for him, the syncher used the same audio that I have in my collection, labeled 23/11. However, that matched perfectly with the film from the first night's show!

There was also film from the 2nd night's show from another filmer - Mr. Syncher used the audio source that is the same as the one just upped here at Dime, to synch it up.

So it is obvious that collectors have had the dates cross-crossed on these two shows for decades, until this filmer who attended both nights confirmed which show was which (and he was adamant about it).

Ok, then. This show here and Baby, Don't You Do it which I added are both from November 23."

December 12, 2014