The Who - 1975-10-21 (Moon's Manor)
Wembley Arena, London, England

Disc One

01 - I Can't Explain,
02 - Substitute,
03 - Squeeze Box,
04 - Boris The Spider,
05 - Baba O'Riley,
06 - Behind Blue Eyes,
07 - However Much I Booze,
08 - Dreaming From The Waist,
09 - Moon's Tommy Intro,
10 - Amazing Journey,
11 - Sparks,
12 - The Acid Queen,
13 - Fiddle About,
14 - Pinball Wizard,
15 - I'm Free,
16 - Tommy's Holiday Camp,
17 - We're Not Gonna Take It,
18 - See Me, Feel Me

Disc Two

01 - Summertime Blues,
02 - Bargain,
03 - My Generation,
04 - My Generation Blues,
05 - Won't Get Fooled Again,

The Banter on this concert is worth the DL alone

Keith attacks some members of the crowd at the end of Tommy
for sitting with their feet up on chairs, then says he's glad he moved to USA
Pete not to be out done then attacks the security/stewards telling them to piss off out the arena
that's followed by Roger telling the crowd to get up if they want and to ignore the stewards,
Keith also had some trouble at the start of Tommy with crowd demanding Bell Boy.
Pete attacks NME, and another newspaper for some recent comments, relating to 'His Band'
Roger tells the crowd Keith once tried to burn down the Arena...
and so on...

Had to make a small repair on CD2 track 01
as there was only one channel, so i have copied
the other channel making the first 3mins mono
which i think is better than only sound from one speaker

Tools used = Sony Soundforge 8

Many thanks to Sharkey for giving me the original files to play with :)

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