The Who
2nd March 1976
Pavillon de Paris, La Villette
Paris, France

MASTER Aud>?>2Cdrs(trade)>WAV>Nero (tracking)>FLAC>YOU(Dime)

"Side A"
01. I Can't Explain 2'40
02. Substitute 3'53
03. My Wife 6'04
04. Baba O'Riley 5'52
05. Squeeze Box 3'38
06. Behind Blue Eyes 3'43
07. Dreaming From The Waist (cut out before lead bass) 3'21
08. Slip Kid 4'22
09. Magic Bus 9'40
10. Amazing Journey (cut out at the beginning of Sparks) 3'24
"Side B"
** Missing : Sparks/Acid Queen/Fiddle About
11. Pinball Wizard (cut in) 2'34
12. I'm Free 2'18
13. Tommy's Holiday Camp 0'46
14. We're Not Gonna Take It 3'34
15. See Me, Feel Me (cut at the very end) 5'32
**Missing : Summertime Blues/My Generation
16. Join Together (cut in) 3'51
17. Road Runner > Guitar solo (cut out) 1'53
18. Won't Get Fooled Again (cut in) 9'08

Total time : 76'13

Very good show, unfortunately incomplete (see above the several cuts and missing tracks), but features rarely played Slip Kid and Road Runner

Received as Paris 3/2/76, but not 100% sure it's not from the first night at the same avenue in march 1st (when a power failure occured during the Tommy Medley).

I got it as a two 46min length Cdrs trade with only 1 file one each (Each 46min tape side transfered onto a single big wav file).
First cd sounds very good and loud (even boomy), but the sound level on the second cd is lower, though still very good.
Cd2/side B was filled with 2 tracks from Long Beach 71-12-10 (Baby Don't You Do It & Bargain, from the vinyl Closer To Queen Mary, I guess).
I've tracked down the whole for this torrent and it appeared that the Paris 76 concert fit on a single disc.

No artworks : feel free to create ones !


Enjoy !

January 2010