Widespread Panic
The Bottleneck
Lawrence, Kansas
July 28, 1992

(2)Nak CM-100 left/righ (1)Senheiser 441U panned to center > Taskcam PortaOne 4-Track >
Nakamichi BX-125 > (tape 1)TDK-MA-XG90 (tape 2)Maxell MX-S90
-on 10' mic stand
Cassette Masters > Onkyo TA-2027 > M-10 (16bit / 44khz Wave / tracking) >
Soundforge v9 (fades at start and tape flips) > TLH flac (level 8) aligned on sector boundries

recording and transfer by dghale (4/7/2017)

Set List:
d1t01. Intro
d1t02. Pigeons
d1t03. Conrad
d1t04. Stop-Go >
d1t05. Travelin' Light
d1t06. Fishwater
d1t07. Pleas >
d1t08. C. Brown
d1t09. Walkin' (For Your Love) >
d1t10. Hatfield
d2t01. Machine >
d2t02. Barstools and Dreamers
d2t03. The Take Out >
d2t04. Porch Song >
d2t05. Makes Sense To Me
d2t06. Space Wrangler
d2t07. Mercy >
d2t08. Chilly Water
d2t09. (audience)
d2t10. Flat Foot Flewzy