Widespread Panic
6/9/1998 -
Elkhorn Amphitheatre,
Elkhorn Resort, Sun Valley, ID
"Travelin' Light Tour"

1. tuning
2. Disco>
3. Aunt Avis>
4. Greta>
5. Weight Of the World
6. Happy Child>
7. Happy>
8. Help Me Somebody>
9. Space Wrangler>
10. Pleas>
11. Jam> @[][]**
12. I Walk On Guilded Splinters> @[][]**
13. Drums> ++<><>
14. Entering a Black Hole Backwards>
15. Chilly Water ^^
16.E: intro, tuning
17. Low Rider> @$$**#
18. Maggot Brain> @$$**#
19. Chainsaw City @$$**#

^^=w/ "Impossible"

Total: 2:13:44

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"aunt avis" - Widespread Panic, artist; Vic Chesnutt, writer
"help me somebody" - NRBQ, artist; Al Anderson, writer
"i walk on guilded splinters" - Dr.John, artist (1st release on 1/22/1968); Malcolm John Rebennack Jr. ("Dr.John"), writer
"low rider" - War, artist (1st release on 6/16/1975); Papa Dee Allen/Harold Brown/B.B.Dickerson/Jerry Goldstein/
Howard E.Scott/Lonnie Jordan/Lee Oskar/Charles Miller, writers
"maggot brain" - Funkadelic, artist (1st release on 7/12/1971); George Clinton/Eddie Hazel, writers
"chainsaw city" - Little Women, artist (1st release in 1990); Jerry Joseph, writer

John Bell - guitar, vox
Dave Schools - bass, b.vox
Michael Houser - guitar, b.vox
Domingo Steven "Sunny" Ortiz - percussion
John "JoJo" Hermann - keys, organ, b.vox
Todd Nance - drums, b.vox
@=w/ Allen Woody - mandolin
[][]=w/ Matt Abts - timbales
**=w/ Warren Haynes - guitar
++=w/ Matt Abts - kit
<><>=w/ Stanton Moore - drums
$$=w/ Brad Rosen - drums, timbales
#=w/ Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox

Source: SchoepsMK41/CMC6>AD-1000>DAT>DAT clone
Taped by: ??
Original conversion: D8>digi cable>Philips 765
More conversion: master CDs>EAC (EAC logs included)>Wavlab5.0 (retrack slighty, add fades)>
Fix SBEs (TLH, log included)>Lupas Rename>Flac Level 8 (TLH)
Converted by: Mark Misemer (ipanic2@hotmail.com)
--plus--dc offset, EQ, Balance, lc, PD&Norm, CR, RT, Sec.Balance,
fades, made seamless & info research by Bill Mulvey--3/2021.
[FLACs>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)]

--spot of diginoise? 1 sec into Disco
--please note any other errors you may find
--this tracking and setlist differs a bit from everydaycompanion.com
--[Travelin' Light Tour; G. Love & Special Sauce, Gov't Mule, and Galactic opened]
--Conversion notes: I hit quite a bit of this "Travelin' Light" tour/run but did not tape this show. I received a DAT clone
(labeled only with mk41/cmc6>AD-1000) in a trade shortly after the run and ripped CDs from it. I'm glad I did as this was
another one of my DATs long gone years ago. Here is another attempt at recovering those old CDs. I've listened to this all
the way through and it sounds good to my ears even though EAC said there were sync errors on tracks of both master
discs. I did nothing except retrack a bit and add some fades, anyone who wants to go for a true remaster please do. Enjoy!

vanillag NOTES:
--Thanks to gems for getting this to me.
--Thanks to Mark Misemer for leaving the disc break seamless & not adding any fade downs/ups at the split so everything
would link back up perfectly when re-attaching...that is most appreciated, especially in this case when the band is in the
middle of a jam there. BOOYAH!!
--This source came from a schoeps capture (no idea where in the house...I would guess the taper section) & I did my best to
brighten it up & make it sound as phat & tasty as I could without destroying it--hahaha!! Hope you all enjoy.
--I did not find any diginoise at the spot in t02 listed in the original notes above.
--I cleanly removed many, many clicks & other odd noises (disc extract issues/strange SBE residues/other anomalies) from
this while combing thru on a final listen back.
--I feel that this is a significant upgrade in quality & a much more enjoyable listen--IMO it is a whole lot less muddy, less
boomy & now much tighter with greater detail represented on the guitars & vox...you may have your own opinion, of course.
--Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons additionally played a slammin' aftershow to this event about 5 minutes away at The
Roosevelt in Ketchum, ID. It is available here in sick quality if anyone wants it:

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