Alterna Sounds Festival
Sputnik, Muenster, Germany
April - 01 - 2017
Cafe stage

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Okm2R > Zoom H2n (@ WAV 16/44) > Memorycard > HD > Audacity (edit/volume boost+balance only) > WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 > FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by your truly @ app. 1 meter from stage edge left side. Sounds good, is good. A few hollers from the audience here and there, but nothing too distracting.
Sorry, no pics, and...well of course, no setlist...

Spacebandit's notes...

Springtime arriving slowly here in Muensterland, but also it was time again for the "Warm-up" for lovely "KRACH AM BACH" Festival which takes place in the rural nothingness of Beelen,
where some almost 25 years ago good people couldn't bear the trouble with fine music in summertime. Since that this "non-profit" but "beneficial" festival has itself established as one
of the finest "smaller" outdoor events with surprising acts you would never guess they's play at the "ass of the world". No, ok, it's not that bad. I'm living here, still since 1968.
Since a few years, there's been kind of "warm-up" with most bands playing the summer festival as well. So, for the always very patient and reserved "M�uensterlaender" (part of Westphalia
where people don't talk, not laughing at jokes and like to ride their tractors...) this was the chance to get a glimpse onto what's coming up.


LOVE MACHINE (Duesseldorf) - Main Stage
WIGHT (Darmstadt) - Cafe Stage
HEAT (Berlin) - Main Stage
MOTHER ENGINE (Thueringia) - Cafe Stage
TIDES FROM NEBULA (Poland) - Main Stage

20 Euros at gate, prices for food/drinks were ok for german standards

Uuuuh, this was rather disappointing. Maybe up to 200 people there at prime time. And (for me) you know the faces. Maybe it was due to ASTRALIAN PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE for much more fee
@ Halle Muensterland just a stone throw from Sputnik, maybe the football derby between Dortmund and Schalke on Pay-TV? Or the simple "lack" of a real headliner like it was before with
Colour Haze or Radio Moscow...at least the football game went 0:0 (yawn...) and the festival provided some exceptional mindblowing music. Not all bands were like that point of mind,
but I really liked both Mother Engine and Wight very much. Hope you will enjoy this springtime evening in good company (as I had!!!!). SB.


FULL SHOW (51:42 min.)

01. ... (7:17) *
02. The muse and the mule (10:05)
03. Kelele (10:14)
04. Atlas (5:18)
05. Helicopter mama (7:26)
06. The love for life leads into reincarnation (11:20)

* new song as introduced by Ren�...

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WIGHT are...

Ren� Hofmann - Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Peter-Philipp Schierhorn - Bass, Additional Vocals
Thomas Kurek - Drums, Additional Vocals
Steffen Kirchpfening - Percussion, Additional Vocals

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